Welcome to my new site !

Well another year has passed by and I was reviewing my old website and realized I haven’t done much with it in the past few years. Updating the old site was always put on the back burner and it look so 90ish. It was definately time for a change.

I began looking at the sites I like to visit often and realized the thing that attracts me, and many others, to today’s popular sites is its personality and interactivity. So in my quest to be able to offer something along these lines, I offer you the opportunity to participate and contribute along with me at the new photosbyray.net.

New features include a photo gallery, where members can post their own works of art and share with the community and the world. Users can also submit news stories or discuss topics of interest to photographers in our forum.

You will find lots to see and do here within the next few weeks and hopefully this site will develop into a community for those interested in becoming better photographers — from the serious hobbiest to the professional shooter.

I hope you all enjoy the new format and decide to register and stay a while.