New & Improved SMYP

I can’t believe its been four years since I last overhauled this website.

Yeah… I have been busy working on my other projects and letting my own sites suffer, but we finally tackled this three-day coding marathon to hopefully bring you a much more intuitive and pleasing site.

ShowMeYourPix.comWe tossed out the “ol’ nuke” site, pictured at right, and installed Word-Press in its place to post photography news and information and a full-fledged Coppermine photo gallery to support and feature our member’s photography skills. We also upgraded our portfolio to the latest G2 version of Gallery.This project was not near as easy as most upgrades come. There were no upgrade or import scripts to be found for Word-Press or Coppermine that matched our needs. I had to manually copy and paste each existing story and then edit the Coppermine database table by table.

Hopefully it will all be worth it. Word-Press is much easier to work with and offers many cool features and plugins that we may decide to give a shot.

We still got some tweaking to do and have a few other surprises and improvements planned here at SMYP. We welcome any and all comments and suggestions.

I hope you all enjoy the new format and decide to sign up and “Show Me Your Pix“.

Happy Shooting,