Capturing Memories Through Photos

By James Monahan

The first date. A grand wedding. The child’s first walk. A newborn. The sunset. An impeding storm. Leaves falling from the branch of a tree. The first birthday. The beach party. The housewarming. A reunion. Christmas. The annual Thanksgiving.

These are just some of the occasions where memories are being processed. And definitely, these are just few of the seemingly endless list of memories any person would want to keep forever.Most — if not all — people are fond of keeping memories. Memories that bring them back to the days when their lives were simpler and happier than it is today. It’s not because they are bitter over something. But since people are naturally discontented of what they have, they would want to ask for more — memories that is.

Since memories do not necessarily require any specific amount of money — what better way to preserve these still moments of happiness but to enclose them in a photo?

Indeed, many are people are so fond of seeing themselves captured in a single photo. Some just enjoy seeing how photogenic they are in photos. Some would only want to preserve a distant memory of someone through a photo.

Some do take photos just for the sole purpose of remembrance. But, no matter what the reasons behind a certain photo shoot, one thing is clear: a memory is being captured in the lens of the camera and being preserved in a photo.

Among the so many occasions where people would want to capture a memory through photos, one stands among the heap: a family vacation. When people go on a family vacation whether it is in the beach or to a far-flung province, one would always find time to take plenty of photos.

Going on a beach vacation brings up a lot of contradicting desires. One, you would want everyone to have fun and provide them with a memorable vacation but, you tend not to recall what is needed to preserve these memories.

To make sure that you will bring back home the experiences you’ll be having make sure to follow these tips on taking photos. There are actually unique challenges for taking photos that most people should be aware of.

When packing for your dream vacation, remember these essential items before you leave like camera, batteries, memory cards, camera case, battery chargers, external flash, and tripod. Make sure to consider purchasing a lens you need depending on your experience with photos.

Try to buy some camera accessories that would enable you to take better photos. If you’re budget would still allow it, try to get a good neutral density filter to protect you lens and to improve the quality of your photos too.

When it comes to the quality of the photo’s composition, try to get more landscape photos that capture the essence of the place and the people. You can take distant photos and shots especially if you want to give more emphasis on the scenery rather that the people posing in front of it.

If you are the experimental type, you can try taking silhouette photos that are more emotional-looking and artistic. The basic rule is that make sure you are using your default metering mode and focus on the human subjects.

Then, you can compose the shot however you wish. You can also try to be a little more different by thinking outside the box a bit so as an attempt to create memorable photos.

Indeed, good photos are all about how the person who take the shots see things. You don’t really have to worry is you’re a pro or not. The most important thing is that you are trying to capture memories during that time. Remember, some of the best photos contain simple subjects but done in basic yet creative method.

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